Swedish Helparm


Sometimes referred to as the “Swedish Sling”, the Swedish Helparm™ counter-balance arm sling supports the arm and provides functional assistance and muscle re-education for patients with impairment or paresis of shoulder muscles, cervical spine injuries, shoulder nerve injuries, hemiplegia, multiple sclerosis and certain forms of rheumatoid arthritis. Arm supports can be used independently. The Swedish Helparm™ can be used as a “passive support” for typing or using a computer. It can also be used as an assistive support for training in ADL activities, eating skills, grooming, etc. Adjustable weights provides multiple incremental changes for correct assistance as well as resistance to the deltoids, making the patient utilize what strength they have in these muscles. Provides proximal support to the shoulder for exercising and assists in functional reaching activities. The sling support cross bar can be adjusted to provide more distal support to the hand. The arm support frame can be lowered for use with the small or pediatric patients. The Swedish Helparm can be used with the patient in a supine position, or with a patient in a wheelchair. Adjustable arms allow for internal and external shoulder rotation. Amount of arm “swing” can be restricted for elbow flexion and extension. Smooth gliding cord track lets patient move arms with ease. Additional weights are conveniently stored on metal rods at the back of the base which has lockable wheels. Includes slings for wrist and elbows, 20 - 1.8 oz (50 gram) weights, 8 - 1 lb. (500 gram) weights, plastic storage case for accessories, wrench for assembly and adjustment, and Instructional CD. The assembled measurements are: 32” W x 30”D x 72” H. Shipping dimensions: 20” W x 7” D x 69”. Weighs 69 lbs.(#65110)

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